Interior Architecture Master Program gives education under the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. The candidates of Interior Architecture Master program (who are undergraduates of Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Design and City and Regional Planning) are required to make research in interior design practices and discourses.

The main aim of the program is to conduct original researches into the problems of interior architecture through scientific analysis and to specialize in theoretical and practical knowledge while considering the contemporary discourses of the field.

There are three TRACKS under Interior Architecture Master Program: A. RITM -RESTORATION, INTERVENTION, TRANSFORMATION, MODIFICATION- IN INTERIORS; B. DESIGN AND CULTURE; C. ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES. Please click here for more information.

If a student has an undergraduate degree from different disciplines other than Interior Architecture, Architecture or Industrial Design, he or she must apply to the one year scientific preparation program which is constituted of undergraduate courses. Scientific preparation program is prepared by the student’s advisor, according to the student’s field. Interior Architecture Master Program accepts undergraduates of national universities and of international universities which are recognized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). The language of education is English.

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Assist.Prof.Dr. Zeynep TUNA ULTAV



Prof.Dr. Tevfik BALCIOĞLU
Assist.Prof.Dr. Ebru AYDENİZ
Assist.Prof.Dr. Ecehan ÖZMEHMET
Assist.Prof.Dr. Eray BOZKURT
Assist.Prof.Dr. Gülnur BALLİCE
Assist.Prof.Dr. İlker KAHRAMAN
Assist.Prof.Dr. Seçkin KUTUCU
Assist.Prof.Dr. Zeynep TUNA ULTAV
Lec. Sergio TADDONIO


Main Research Interests
Prof.Dr. Tevfik BALCIOĞLU Design History, Design Theories, Contemporary Turkish Design History, Cult Objects, Design Identity in Turkey
Assist.Prof.Dr. Ebru AYDENİZ Conservation of Historical Environment and Restoration, Urban Archaeology, History of Architecture, Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings
Assist.Prof.Dr. Ecehan ÖZMEHMET Sustainable Buildings, Healthy Environments, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, History and Theory of Architecture/Design starting with Industrial Revolution, Educational Facilities
Assist.Prof.Dr. Gülnur BALLİCE Urban Transformation/Renewal, Urban Identity, Creative Housing Approaches, History and Theory of Modern Architecture/Interior Architecture/Design, Housing and Culture.
Assist.Prof.Dr. İlker KAHRAMAN Sustainable Architecture, Constructional design , Construction and building materials
Assist.Prof.Dr. Zeynep TUNA ULTAV Architecture and Fiction, Architecture and Ideology-Utopia, History and Theory of Interior Architecture, Modern Architecture and Furniture Design in Turkey, Tourism Architecture
Lec. Ceren POLAT Interior Design, Materials & Applications,  Furniture Design , Enviromental Psychologhy and Design , Design Theory and Education, , Human Factors in Design, Landscape Design, Advanced Presentation Techniques, Special Spaces in Interior Design
Lec. Sergio TADDONIO Adaptive Reuse, History and Theory of Adaptive Reuse,  Intervention Design and Design Principles  of Building Adaptation, Vernacular Architecture, Experience Economy,  Interior Design and Building Conversion
Lec. Arzu CILASUN KUNDURACI Lighting Design,Daylight,Artificial Lighting,Building Physics,Sustainability,Acoustics

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